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Whaling fun and today's mystery photo

A year ago, my collection was neatly sorted in boxes and shelves. After buying a scanner and starting Retro-Scans, I can't find anything. Stacks of books, magazines, clippings, all moving around in an amorphous mass as I dig for a certain page or cover. Oh well, it's better than a perfect line-up of stuff I wouldn't look at for months. Anyway, now I'm digging for old-school comics about whaling. As late as the 1960s, you'd see a story here and there which sympathized with the hunters and not the prey. That's all gone now, of course, and attitudes have changed so completely that the old material is kind of a jolt to see.

Here's the first item I've turned up. From May 20, 1906, it's Lyonel Feininger's THE KIN-DER-KIDS (ABROAD). Seems to be about a group of schoolboys being pursued by their old aunt. The more I look, the more odd little gags I see.

Mort Kunstler's cover for the July 1954 issue of STAG. I'd say these whalers are in trouble, and not a lifejacket among them. These postwar men's adventure magazines were usually preoccupied with wild animals or Nazis; looking at the articles reminds you just how repressed and uptight the 1950s actually were before the Pill and general loosening-up of sexual attitudes.

An iconic artist on of the essential super-heroes through the 1950s and early 1960s. His name involves some irony.
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