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Jackalopes stole my lunch!

A lot of these legendary critters seem amusing at first, but there's always something about them that is genuinely creepy. In the case of the Jackalope (also known as "the Fighting Rabbit") it's their ability to mimic human voices. I've seen first-hand an African Grey call a dog into the room, imitating the owner's voice, and I've watched the same parrot imitating the "ding!" sound so well that his owner went over to check the microwave. So mimicry is not impossible. What really gives me a shiver is the story about how cowboys way out in the wilderness would be singing around their fire late at night... and hear voices from the darkness singing back at them! It was them damn jackalopes. Think about it and see if it doesn't make your hair stand up a bit.

Here's two pages from 1989's THE NATURAL ENQUIRER, one-shot from Fantagraphic Books. It was written and drawn by "R.L. Crabb" and credited to "Professor Von Crabman," and casts light on such legendary varmints as the hoop snakes, cactus cats, fur-bearing trouts, dingbats and more. I am always glad to see scientific research bringing some of these beasts to the public eye, if only for the safety of campers and travelers. Remember, Bigfoot was here before we were, we should be good visitors. ("Take only pictures and leave only footprints.")
Tags: comics, cryptozoology, esoterica

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