dr_hermes (dr_hermes) wrote,

Inventions for a future that never was

"Did you see that giant fish going down the freeway?!"
"Pull over, honey, I'll drive for a while..."

Steven M Johnson came up with hundreds of whacky yet appealing inventions for his books, WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW. Most of them are fanciful, like the hunting outfits that look like a tree or a gigantic two-legged squirell. Some seem like a great idea at first, but a moment's thought shows an impractical side. These two pages show a few inventions that must have seemed potentially useful in 1984 but which have been left behind by what's available today. (To be honest, sometimes I almost don't believe cell phones are real. I took a photo of a praying mantis and posted it on a network where people all over the world could see it instantly. As a kid, I would have to walk a few blocks to find a place that had a phone booth, and if no one picked up, you were out of luck.)

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