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And what part of the camel do these cigarettes taste like?

Ad from January 1947.

Ow, there is so much here that makes an eyebrow go up. What is "the T-Zone?" Is that the area where tissue has to be removed in a desperate attempt to save the patient? How did 113, 597 doctors feel about getting a questionaire? Did any of them scribble angrily, "Don't smoke at all, if you know what's good for you!" or "Are you using my hard-earned reputation to hawk your pernicious product, you scum?" or even, "Do I get some sort of recompense for this?" On the other hand, there's no suggestion here that doctors recommend people smoke.

The caption to "the Doctors Behind the Doctor" raises some points, too. "Like all doctors, they are tirelessly devoting their lives to the cause of health and happiness." ALL doctors? Come on, maybe not the quacks trying to sell their homeopathic colon-flushing magnetic belt buckles. Or the ones who can't keep the liquor cabinet locked or whose narcotics inventory always seems to be a little short. Most doctors, sure, but "all" is stretching things.

Despite the caption about "the men of research medicine", one of the lab assistants is a woman with her platinum hair up in a little swirl (the male assistant also seems concerned with grooming,judging by the blinding sheen on his impeccable pelt). The woman is saying, "Oooh, one of the little icky blobs just ate one of those beasties that somersault," while the man is saying "Slow down, wait a minute -- how do you spell 'unicellular'?" Meanwhile the guy in the foreground mutters, "Kids these days. I oughtta slip them some of this lysergic acid in their coffee and watch them stare at the clouds for an hour..."
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