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The upcoming war on coffee

This is by Lee Marrs, from 1973's EL PERFECTO COMICS.

Cigarettes are on the road to being outlawed completely. There are fewer and fewer places for people to smoke, and taxes on them will be more than the cigarettes themselves cost. This is okay, with me, to be honest. I've never had an urge to try tobacco, and the asthma is a good reason to stay clear of people when they do light up. But I wonder what the next vice to be steadily stamped out will be. My expectation is junk food. I can see stores refusing to sell candy or soda to children, and restaurants limiting desserts. Maybe restaurant chairs will have built-in scales, and a computer will calculate your body fat percentage ("BZZZT! No cheesecake for you.")

But if the powers that deny try to outlaw coffee.... woot! Heads will roll, cities will be in flames, mobs with pitchforks will take to the streets. I'm serious. Have you ever seen people in convenient marts waiting for coffeee to brew? Wolves at the door.
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