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Snappy replies, insolent answers and saucy remarks

Do you find it difficult to get in trouble enough? Are your contributions to discourse abit bland and unremarkable? Then just summon this image in your mind and use some remark from this handy list..

The Spirit of Insolence

"Are you giving me a funny look?"
- "You've got a funny look, but I didn't give it to you."

"I'd like to propose a little toast."
- "You'll have to do better than that, I'm starving."

"I do the work of three people around here!"
- "Yep. Larry, Moe and Curly."

"You can't park there!"
- "But the sign says, 'Fine for parking.' "

"I went fishing with my girlfriend yesterday."
- "Did you catch anything? Or any fish?"

- You'd make a good stranger."

"Behind every beautiful woman is a beautiful behind."

"How come your parents never had any kids?"

"I've got a cold or something in my head."
- "Hmm, must be a cold."

"I've been down in the dumps lately."
- "Well, that explains your outfit."

"You've dialed the wrong number."
-"Then why did you answer?"

"He's wasting his time, I'm immune to men."
- "You've sure been innoculated enough."

"Man, I've been running around all day."
-"Do your knuckles hurt?"
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