dr_hermes (dr_hermes) wrote,

The World's Easiest Quiz

Tired of racking your brain on THE SUNDAY TIMES crossword puzzle? Here's something not as challenging.

- What color is an orange?
- What number is on 8-ball?
- When was the War of 1812?
- What animal do you shoot with an elephant gun?
- What state is New York City in?
- How long do you cook a three-minute egg?
- How many bullets do a six-shooter hold?
- What president was the George Washington bridge named after?
- What sport uses a tennis racket?
- What day of the week does Friday the 13th fall on?

Bonus points
- If a plane crashes on the border of two countries, where do they bury the survivors?
- Why is it than no other insect can break a flea's skull?
- How far can you run into the woods?
- If a rooster lays an egg on a roof, which way will it roll?
- Why don't even starving polar bears eat penguins?
On YOU BET YOUR LIFE, Groucho often used questions like these for contestants who hadn't won anything, so they wouldn't go home empty-handed.
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