May 18th, 2009

"These RealDolls are no good, I'm bringing them back!"

Aw, just kidding. This is just more Movie Magic Secrets Revealed. If you watched FIST OF FURY (retitled THE CHINESE CONNECTION in the West, a story in itself), you might have said to yourself,"Well, Bruce Lee is a buff little guy, and pound for pound he's probably as strong as anyone in Hong Kong. But even so, how does he pick two guys up off the floor, whirl them around and throw them across the room? Is this some esoteric Asian technique or what?" Now the truth is out.

Footprints in the snow

Excellent art and storytelling from one of the masters. This haunting page appeared December 29, 1946 (thus the New Year's poster in the last panel). It was Milton Caniff's farewell to his strip, which would be taken over by George Wunder (who was okay but uninspired). Caniff was starting his own strip, STEVE CANYON, which he would own and get a better deal on all around -this was a big reason why comic book artists and writers wanted to move up to newspaper strips.