January 29th, 2011

Come on over to MORE RETRO-SCANS!

Well, it's happened. I seem to have used up all the space available on this journal. (Gosh, how could that have happened?) So when I try to post, I get a cold clinical warning to knock it off. ("What are you trying to do, crash the Internet itself?") But since I still have so much more to say, I have opened the new site DR HERMES' MORE RETRO-SCANS. (I think you see how much anguish I suffered coming up with that title.) Remember, our motto is "What the heck, give it a shot."

Come on over, everyone! I have come to really enjoy your comments and corrections and the game of picking a Mystery Guest has been habit-forming. Just click here:


Hope to see you all.

UPDATE October 12, 2013. I am tickled to check and find that folks are still finding their way here. Thanks for dropping by. I will be back more often to answer comments.