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17 June 2008 @ 10:54 pm
Moon Mullins sassin' Emmie  
 Here's a 1929 page of MOON MULLINS. This strip started in 1929 and ran to 1991, a respectable lifespan by any standard. It was never so hysterical that you felt you just had to clip it and show it to everyone you knew, but MOON MULLINS was always enjoyable and funny in a low-key way. Frank Willard's art was better than it's given credit for, very smooth and subtle; but his real strength was in the amusing personalties he gave his characters.(Longtime assistant Ferd Johnson took over after Willard's death in 1958. "Moonshine" Mullins, as his name hinted, was a shady sort of rogue, always in trouble and often in jail. His little brother Kayo was a tough guy in a derby and turtleneck; everyone remembers him as the kid who slept in a pulled-out dresser drawer. Running the boarding house was sour ol' Emmie Schmaltz (she later married insubstantial Englishman Lord Plushbottom.) Rounding out the continuing cast were the cook Mamie and her less than industrious husband Willie. MOON MULLINS is not likely to be adapted into the new big Broadway musical (although you never know), but I always liked it and would like to see it remembered.
sjk32743 on October 22nd, 2009 04:11 am (UTC)
moonshine mullins
I have a set of about 4 figures of Moon Mullins cartoon characters. They are boxed and appear old.
They were in my late mother's cedar chest. Can you tell me more about this collection? I think they are wood and maybe about 2 inches high.
dr_hermes on October 23rd, 2009 03:09 am (UTC)
Re: moonshine mullins
I'm sorry to say that I'm not going to be of any help here. I've never gone in for collecting any sort of toys and comics-related paraphenalia. Maybe poking around eBay might show you what similar items are going for?