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In memory of a once fluid man

A little bit of trivia there on the table. This is from 1973, judging by the parallel wounds left by Han's pre-Wolverine clawed prosthesis, Bruce Lee is filming the final fight scenes for ENTER THE DRAGON. There next to the big glass bottle of 7-Up is a little grave he had had made for him in the 1960s. By 1966, when he starred as Kato in THE GREEN HORNET, the motto on that little gravestone was notorious to martial arts traditionalists. "In Memory of a Once Fluid Man, Crammed and Distorted by the Classical Mess."

Lee was quite the rebel. Not only did he take non-Chinese students (something the traditional sifus did not do), he was very eclectic in his approach. He experimented and took whatever worked, not only from Asian martial arts but also Western boxing and fencing. He discarded what he found impractical, and he showed little respect for tradition. This was all seen as radical at the time, and Lee did not endear himself to teachers of established styles with his brash dismissal of what they taught. He said things like, "You can't learn to swim on land, you've got to get in the water."

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