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Send away for everything you see

These pages are from PANIC# 6, way back in 1954. Despite the fact it had MAD artists like Wally Wood, Jack Davis and Will Elder, PANIC just was never half as funny as MAD was. This is because Al Feldstein wrote it instead of Harvey Kurtzman and the demented satirical Kurtzman viewpoint wasn't there. To be honest, I have a theory that those first color issues of MAD were a one-time synergism of talents coming together. It might not have lasted in any case, even if Bill Gaines hadn't turned MAD into a full-size black & white magazine. But be that as it may, PANIC did have its bright moments. These ad parodies strike me as hitting the right note. In fact, these echo my own reactions to the mendacious claims in advertisements.

Tags: al feldstein, ec, jack davis
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