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The Gabor sisters, sitting on a rocket near Venus

From SPACE ADVENTURES# 37, back in 1960, here's a Charlton comic that typically seems almost coherent (but not quite). Written during lunch by Joe Gill as part of his sweatshop workload, printed on paper of a quality normally found in your bathroom, more ads than stories, lettered by a machine.. yep, it's a Charlton all right. Captain Atom original claim to fame was that was he drawn by Steve Ditko just before he went to Marvel and started some strip about a teenager with spider powers, Cobweb Kid or something.

A few issues later in SPACE ADVENTURES# 41, Cap encountered the Silver Lady from Venus. She looked a lot like these denizens of the void, but what connection she had to them is a mystery now lost to the ages. That story has been posted here earlier, in case you are consumed with inquisitiveness and just ache to unravel the puzzle. http://dr-hermes.livejournal.com/98618.html

(Captain Atom can't help you, he was purchased by DC who did their usual series of deaths, mutilations, rebirths, reduction to cheap humor, shocking new starts and whatever until nothing is left except the name.)

Tags: captain atom, comics, silver age, steve ditko
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