dr_hermes (dr_hermes) wrote,

"Whirlpool" from THE VAULT OF HORROR

EC Comics relied a little too heavily on formula to suit me. The 'poetic justice' plot was way over-used; some awful person mistreats someone in a distinctive way, and that victim turns the tables and gets revenge in the same way they were abused. If a man bugged his wife by insisting his clothes were pressed perefectly, she'd go nuts and burn him to death with a giant flatiron, that sort of thing. Half the time, the victim died and came back as a lovingly described walking corpse to get revenge.

However, when EC was hitting on all cylinders, they turned out absolutely great stuff. Here, from THE VAULT OF HORROR# 32, Aug-Sep 1953, is "Whirlpool." This story was written and drawn by Johnny Craig, and it really has that nightmarish TWILIGHT ZONE feel to it.


Tags: ec, johnny craig
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