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Say, I didn't know Bill Bailey was black

The sheet music from 1902. (I guess we can't say 'turn of the century' anymore, without being specific.)

I'll be darned, you learn something every day. This is one of thousands of songs most of us know by cultural osmosis. We may never have actually sat down and listened to the whole song, but we picked up the gist (usually just the beginning) from old movies and TV shows. Growing up watching Warner Brothers cartoons, I know I learned a lot of ragtime and Tin Pan Alley through Bugs bunny singing them. "Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat," "Beautiful Dreamer," "April Showers," "Pennies From Heaven"...

That's not even starting on all the classical music we know enough to recognize. Again, largely because of Bugs trying to play the piano with a mouse inside it.
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