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A handy map if you find yourself in Atlantis

Poor city planning, in some ways. Only one bridge connecting each of the rings? What's up with that? So, if at the top of this map, you're standing there in your toga and flip-flops and you want to go to the main palace (where the action is and things are jumping), you can't just walk there directly. No sir. You have to trudge completely around the city and get to the bridge at the bottom and then cross over. Not the best idea, it would be like Manhattan only have a single bridge at its northern end and travelers from Jersey would have a hike.

Most of the stuff you see about Atlantis has nothing much to do with Plato's original account anyway. He didn't present it as a wonderful paradise of peaceful living and philosophical reflection. That was more his vision of ancient Athens. (Whether he seriously thought Athens was more than 9,000 years old is another ticklish idea.) In fact, Atlantis attacked Athens for no particular reason and so deserves getting plunked under the ocean. I don't know where the idea that Atlantis had advanced tech came from either... sometimes it's shown as classical Greece with a few cool gadgets, sometimes it seems almost like a lab at MIT.

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