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Pike's Dolphin

In December 1968, SHOWCASE# 79 did a one-shot story about a mysterious character called Dolphin. She was a young woman who lived in the ocean, breathed underwater and evidently had had no contact with people before this moment. At the end, she dove back into the sea without much having been learned about her. (Without looking it up, I'm pretty sure that since then she has been brought up in a revised form once or twice, gone through lots of traumatic experiences, been killed and resurrected and generally gone through the wringer just because, well you know-- it's what happens to comics characters as decades go by.)

A lot of young fans at the time were rather smitten with Dolphin because she was enigmatic and because the art showed her as so appealing. What most didn't know is that "Jay Scott Pike" was not some newcomer who would soon be pencilling TEEN TITANS or METAMORRPHO or whatever. He was a veteran artist who had done a lot of romance comics in the 1950s but who mostly made a living in commercial illustration and pin-up art.
Tags: comics, pin-ups, silver age
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