dr_hermes (dr_hermes) wrote,

Frankenstein O'Brien

Art by Willis O'Brien

As I recall (watch out when you hear those words), in the early 1960s Willis O'Brien wrote a script, KING KONG VS PROMETHEUS. The idea was that Dr Frankenstein built and animated a new monster, but this time a huge lumbering ogre. How he made the brute so big when he was working with regular human carcasses, I don't know. And how Kong survived his iconic fate is another puzzler, maybe he landed on the watching crowd and they broke his fall. (ow.)O'Brien managed to get permission to use the characters and sold the script to Toho. But what they unleashed on theatres was KING KONG VS GODZILLA, good cheesy fun in its own right but nothing like O'Brien had envisioned.
Tags: godzilla, king kong, obscure movies
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