dr_hermes (dr_hermes) wrote,

This cover has me hopelessly confused

From 1962, this one had me puzzled.

The tag, "They were fearsome animal women... and they lusted for my life" almost certainly refers to this illustration, but I first just took in the artwork.

I'm going to with the premise that, for whatever improbable circumstances have led them to this, some Aborigines in the Outback are attacking a helicopter crew. Fair enough, God knows men's postwar adventure mags had many stories much more unlikely. But what throws me is the brunette with the boomerang. She's not intended to an Aborigine. Her skin tone and features and hair all indicate that, not to mention the modern bikini. But then what is she doing with that boomerang? Did she snatch it up in the fight? It sure looks to me like she's ready to throw it at the helicopter. Now the original Daredevil could make a good attempt at breaking the rotor assembly that way, but I don't where she has that Golden Age suspension of physics going for her.

Maybe she was a child abandoned when her parents died, brought up by the Aborigines, and feeling loyal to them? And when these Australian intruders fly their whirlybird in to retrieve the little white girl, she surprises them by not wanting to go? Could be an interesting pulpish story them... off to eBay I go.
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