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A visit from Miss Lace

This is Dorothy Parrington posing as Miss Lace. You may also notice Milton Caniff at the drawing board. During WW II, Caniff did a strip called MALE CALL for US military newspapers, donating it free of charge. All the examples I've seen of MALE CALL are funny and rather sweet, rather than raunchy. Miss Lace was some sort of hostess helping to raise morale as Army bases, but it's never even implied that actual sex is part of the deal. Rather, it's just her company-- her willingndess to chat and dance with the soldiers-- that is her contribution.

Dorothy Parrington accompanied Caniff on visits to Army hospitals in character, which must have cheered up wounded men immensely.

Caniff, like Alex Raymond, did hire models to pose as his characters, sometimes acting out actual scenes from the stories. I don't know how frequent this was, and certainly I don't think it would be practical to constantly have models assuming poses that you may not need if you change the storyline suddenly, Probably they would be brought in from time to time to be photographed in an assortment of poses and changes of clothing, which the artist could then use as reference.
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