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LAJKA!! save me from my crazy cousin Ingrid

HALP!! It's not the first time Ingrid has lost her mind and dragged me into HEll with her but this time I cant take much more. She has got Sauna Mania! Yes she went back to Oslo for a week to spend time with Mum and Dad all our cousins, and they got her hopped up on Saunas. What the hell dude? I stayed at the Mother Cabrini Home for Wayward Girls a few nights because of the snowstorms and by the way I heard the one teacher say I might as well get used to the Home because Im going to end up there soon enough anyway and I don't appresiate that. So here's what happened. It's eleven at night, I want a glass of milk and some Peanut Butter Oreos while watching Tv but nooo. Ingrid makes me drink a huge bottle of water with her. Then we get down to our underwear and sit down in the hot steamy sauna together stop that you pervs, I know what your doing! for a half hour. She says the temprature is 190 degrees but I swear if I held an egg in my hand it would hardboil. So we sit in there while I give her dirty looks and she gives me a sermon about how our pores are opening and toxins are running out.

BUT get this!! when the timer rings, she grabs my hand and yanks me after her as she runs out the door and we dive halfnekid into a snow bank! She says this slams our pores shut and traps the toxins outside. I bet! More than my pores slam shut, Im telling you.

She told me I'm doing great and the stinking part is I feel great and my skin looks fabulos. Maybe she's right. I never thought I would say Ingrid was right about anything, this is like the end of the world.

Cousin Ingrid before she enjoys making me suffer like a stray dog:
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