dr_hermes (dr_hermes) wrote,

Original KING KONG not so great, after all?

I don't know how many times I've seen the 1933 KING KONG in my life. On broadcast TV (Channel 9 WOR from New York), once on the big screen at the Rhinebeck Art Cinema, on VHS and DVD. And I've always fallen under its spell. But now, I don't know why, something has changed. It just doesn't seem so convincing. Look at this scene and see if you agree.

Oh, all right. Seriously, this is from a Technicolor comedy short feature produced right after KING KONG was a smash. It's called THE LOST ISLAND and the gimmick was that the human characters were represented by puppets, while the dinosaurs and other giant beasts were played by live people in costumes. That's Charles Gemora in the ape suit.

Maybe Gerry Anderson should have tried this.
Tags: king kong, obscure movies
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