dr_hermes (dr_hermes) wrote,

Today's mystery guest

Usually on screen with a partner.

The answer Stan Laurel.
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(whistles "The Dance of the Cuckoos")
Right on the nose!
My maternal grandfather owned all their shorts on 35mm reels. The day a decent DVD release of those films are released, I'll be first in line.
It's so disappointing to consider what gems have not been preserved in quality presentations and how many trashy cable-TV series are available.
I have to ask: is there some legal obstacle to a DVD release, as with THE GREEN HORNET and WKRP IN CINCINNATI?

(Gratuitous Fun Fact: your Mystery Guest and his partner's ill-fated attempt to deliver a piano has become a classic cautionary example in workplace safety presentations.)
Not to my knowledge. A DVD box set of all the Laurel and Hardy films was recently released in the UK, and Mark Evanier commented on his website that the rumor is that it will be released over here sooner or later.

-Michael Doty, MD, AD, DDS, FLD, FFF und F