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Captain Atom meets the Silver Lady from Venus

This is from SPACE ADVENTURES# 42, October 1961. The other Captain Atom stories in this issue were drawn by Rocke Mastroserio, who was well, okay but nothing special. The story has a TWILIGHT ZONE sort of nightmare logic to it that doesn't bear analysis. Does the FCC approve of the Silver Lady's program? Is it just beamed from Venus without authorization, in which case I'm sure the government in 1961 would be in an uproar trying to stop it. Or is it supposed to be a "gag" show, like Vampira? For that matter, why is she doing this? Is Venus trying to soften up Earth's defenses before invasion?Well, it's a five-page story for Charlton, batted out by Joe Gill as part of his huge output, so it can't be expected to make more than rudimentary sense. I do like the way Ditko draws Captain Atom in flight, though, he seems to have weight and momentum. And of course much of that gold and orange costume was swiped for Gil Kane's Captain Marvel, along with the sparkly contrail.

Tags: captain atom, comics, silver age, steve ditko
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